4 Start Up Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

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Many people have a great idea and hope to turn it into a viable business. What many people don’t know is how to build a sustainable business. Most small businesses fail within the first five years simply because they make mistakes when getting things off the ground. Here a few common mistakes that new business owners and entrepreneurs should avoid when trying to make their dream into a reality.

Underestimating Start-Up Costs 

To have a successful business, one needs to have the correct supply and demand. They need to have cash available to manufacture, market, distribute and then pay all the people who helped make that happen. A lot of times, many new business owners start a new business because they are in need of cash – rather than having extra on hand. This sense of urgency for cash is what causes a lot of businesses to fail. In order to give your new company the best chance of launching and staying afloat is to have enough money in savings to pay your household bill for at least six months as a cushion.

No Marketing Strategy 

You know you exist but does anyone else in the world exist? With so many different types of advertising and media options to select from, researching what will be the most effective for your new business venture cannot be ignored. Before you open your new business, a full marketing plan should be fleshed out and be ready to be implemented. This is why many people under-estimate start-up costs because properly marketing your new business is not cheap.

Spending Too Quickly 

If you are fortunate enough to have an investor (whether it’s a bank or friend or relative), there is no reason to spend all of that money immediately when getting your business off the ground. My mother always told me to save half, spend half. The stuff you save can help you if you are in a jam with cash flow until profits start rolling in. If you spend it all immediately and there are no profits, you will be in a tough situation.

Being A Lone Wolf 

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to help get a business off the ground. Having a group of people that you trust to help make decisions on where to spend money and how to market your business will take all of this burden off of you. While this is still your company, your idea, your baby, etc having guidance from other successful entrepreneurs and professionals will help make sure you don’t close within the first five years.